21 December 2014
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21 December 2014,

The advantage of choosing Panastep, the genunine wood steps

  • Panake Stair steps are made with real woods, and available in any desirable size
  • Every Panake Stair step can be factory ordered with customs colored as well as the option of rounded edge
  • The humidity of every step is strictly control from the factory
  • Can be self-modified on site to suit the size and color of the setting
  • BJL plank will be available with Butt Joint ( Straight Joint)
  • FJL plank will be available with Finger Joint (Zig-zag Joint)
  • The stair step is available at 25 mm thickness for concrete stair structure, and the 30 mm thickness is for steel stair structure
  • All products are carefully factory packed with the finest quality packages

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