21 December 2014
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21 December 2014,

TreppenMeister German Original Stairs
               The Treppenmeister wonder staircase help reduced up to 1/3 of the normal space required to install a normal staircase. The result is a higher customer satisfaction as usable space had been increased by both vertical and horizontal plane.

Treppenmeister GmbH was formed in 1975 between the businessman Roland Koecher and the master craftman Adolf Bucher. Since then the company had been developed into a leader in hardwood construction and had designed the Bucher System staircase, which had intended to turn the stair case from a utilitarian furniture into a housing ornament offering value added beauty and identity to the house.
The company consistently expands and now produced more than 25,000 staircase systems annually with representatives in more than 85 countries including Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Japan, and Thailand. Treppenmeister is meticulous in selecting its representative and will only award it to a business partner with capacity, commitment, production standard, and facility high enough to produce the Bucher System staircase.
S.H.L. Parawood of Thailand had been selected as 81th representative in 2011 and is the only one from two representatives from Asia chosen so.

S.H.L. Parawood is one of the leading manufacturers of flooring from real wood under the brand name “Panake” which is a ready to install product constructed from real wood. Manufactured with German technology and knowhow, the product not only process unique natural pattern but also European standard durability and long lasting quality.

The Treppenmeister Original Stair is made from real wood with cutting edge German technology under the certification of CE Mark of Europe. It has received a safety standard certification in accordance to the German GS standard. S.H.L. Parawood Co. Ltd. had been selected as one of the only two representatives from Asia to distribute this product. The Treppenmeister Original Stair offer many feature that is available for the Thai market for the first time. Apart from its natural beauty and durability, the stairs can take a load of up to 200 Kg per stair. It can be installing in only one day saving both labor, time, and cost. The Treppenmeister original stair is also treated with a special cover which not only reduces friction noise from walking the stair but also limited the abrasion between the stair and the building structure which will minimize any wear and tear between the two surfaces. A specialized Computer design program is also available to enable the user to pick and choose various kind of Treppenmeister Stair to match any interior or floor. The Treppenmeister Original Stair will not only enhance any building interior but also increase it usable space and make the area look much roomier.

9 Distinguished qualities
1. Simple, Good looking, Quick installation. With the careful design with practical usage in mind, the Treppenmeister computer program allow the customer great versatility in option choice. With only information on your space, graphical models can be sent for your consideration in only 1-2 days.
2. High Stability & abrasion resistant. The Treppenmeister stair case had passed many international safety standards and will take up to 200 kg of weight per staircase.
3. Health friendly, doctor certified! The Bucher system holds together each stair case with impact absorbing material and buried the stair into the building structure. This construction enable vibration from walking up and down the stair to be reduce which could ease impact on the spine and the knee joint in the long run.
4. Ease of moving furniture. The stair rail-less design enable moving big furniture like sofa up and down stairs easier with no obtrusive stair rail.
5. Silent is golden. As each staircase is hold with the building structure through friction resistance material, there will be very little vibration resulting in the minimum of noise.
6. Able to install will all type of wall. Concrete or light material.
7. Easy to clean. With no edge and groove, the seams between the staircase and the wall is very minimal permitting only a minute of dust to settle, leaving the house clean.
8. Quick to replace & fix. With each staircase independent of each other, replacement is quick and simple. Each staircase is treated with UV Acrylic which not only strengthens the stair but also environmental friendly.
9. Ease of walking up & down the stair like never before. Traditional staircase will normally wrap around the center with one side of the staircase tapered, making walking near the center almost impossible. The Treppenmeister system enables the stair case to be turn with all stairs being the same size, enabling ease of walking throughout the width of the stair.

Temporary staircase. As the Treppenmeister should be installed after the house or building is finished, we have a temporary staircase for you to use during construction.
Smart space saving design. The Treppenmeister could be installed in confined space similar to a circular stair, but offering many more advantage.

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