21 December 2014
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21 December 2014,

The wisdom in choosing Panake Engineered Wood Flooring

  • All Panake are made from genuine wood, selects from natural wood, with thickness as required (around 3-4 mm).It is coated with 7 layers of UV Lacquer to strengthen its surface and protect the appearance and color without covering the natural wood pattern and endangering the environment
  • After installation, the wood surfaces can be repaired by repainting up to 2 – 3 times using traditional methods (performs by trained personnel)
  • The adhesive that is used to attach the top layer of the wood and the base structure is a special type which is not hazard to the user and the environment
  • The humidity of the wood is strictly control to fit the wood type and the installation environment
  • The production machineries are sources from Europe to ensure the highest standard production process and products
  • The coloring process is our company’s own with focus on the wood pattern and custom color shade
  • Both Stain and Heat Treatment coloring process are available
  • Splinters are clear by special “Brush” texturing process which gives the woods the most natural feel
  • Choice of Square edge and Micro bevel plane corner for you to choose

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