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What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

 what is engineered wood flooring?
Engineered wood flooring was invented to solve the problem of solid wood that needs to color and sand at the installation site. Solid wood becomes less popular not only because it takes longer time to install but also because it has higher chance of bending than engineered wood flooring. 
Engineered wood flooring was invented to solve these problems, leading to less installation time and the wood become more stable, while it preserves the unique property of wood flooring that is unique and beautiful. 
There are two main components of the engineered wood flooring.   

First, the base, which is made from strong ply wood from tropical timber, has low bending rate. It makes the floor super stable by alternating the grain direction in each layer or “cross-orienting” the grain so that the strength of board is maximized. 
Second is the veneer. Customers have a wide range of woods and colors to choose, ranging from Oak, Teak, Makha, Merbau, etc. At Panaké we use high quality machinery and we cote the wood with 7 layers of UV lacquer from Germany, making the wood grain visible and preserve wood’s property.
Customers also have options to customize their finishing of the wood as they like. You can make sure that you will have your own design unique flooring that is not similar to anyone else. Because at Panaké, we are flooring fashionista. 


                                           mix and match with wide range of color


                             everything is custom made so there is endless design to choose from 

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