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Anti-Slip Stairs

Anti-Slip Wooden Stair, When Safety Meets Beauty 

Have you ever fallen off the stairs or feel unstable because the coating of your stair case is super slippery? Some of you may think about putting a thick carpet on top of the stairs, but that is not the way to solve the root cause of the problem. This is because, once the carpet is removed, it may leave stains forever. It will be extremely difficult to remove those stains or the glue from your stairs. On top of that, you will not be able to enjoy the beauty of the wood as you wish. 


Well, at Panaké, customer can choose to coat and color their stairs with UV Acrylic system, which is ready made from our factory. The 7-layver UV Acrylic coating system is less slippery as we use high quality coating from Germany and dry it with UV system. And of course, the color of the stair will be beautiful and it will last much longer than traditional PU coating. 


On top of that the Coating of UV Acrylic is environmentally and user friendly. You can ensure that you will not only have a nice stair case that last long but also make sure that you and your love ones stay safe at home. 

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