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How to take care of wooden flooring

Engineered Wood flooring is made from 100% real wood. Here are some
tips to care for the real wood, so that it will last longer and look as
beautiful as always.

  1. Please avoid wearing high-heels on the floor and dropping items or sharp objects on the surface of the floor as it could lead to certain damages. The surface could be protected by a piece of velvet under furniture. This could be helpful in term of relocating furniture from one place to another without damaging the floor.
  2. Vacuum cleaner is highly recommended for cleaning wooden floor in order to prevent dust/sand/remains from scratching the floor before mopping.
  3. If there is any stain found on wooden surface, it should be removed immediately, so that the stain will not be too hard to get off.
  4. In case that water is spilled on the floor. It is highly recommended to dry the floor right away and make sure the air is well circulated.
  5. It is best cleaning the floor with dry cloth or anti-dust floor cleaner. Please avoid using wet mop for the floor surface or using cleaner with any mixture of oil/ chemicals because it could lead to the damage of wooden lacquer and its original color.
  6. Windows should be left opened once in 3 days in order to keep well air-circulation and a mild temperature in the room. Sunlight, heat (over 36 degrees Celsius) and humidity are not recommended for wooden flooring because they could affect the shape of the woods, and this will not be guaranteed the quality service by our company.
  7. In case the floor needs to be fixed, please get it done by expertise from our company in order to prevent any further damages.